USJN/CDC Top Girl Performers

Washington,D.C.- Capital Sports Complex was main host site for Nike/USJN Girls Junior nationals 17u.
With well over 200 teams from all over the nation competing to see who will be crowned the champ, was on hand to catch the action. Here are the outstanding players in day one.
Bianca Cuevas 5'06 PG (Nazareth Regional HS, Brooklyn NY 2014) Cuevas was sensational she played hard on both ends of the court, she's well-known for her offensive abilities but today she competed on both ends. She finished her first game scoring 36 points and her second game with 27 points. She has the ability to catch and shot, pull up on a dime and shot as well as creating shots off the dribble from almost three feet behind the here point line. She excelled in the open court as well as the half court setting.
Myisha Hines-Allen 6'02'W (Montclair HS, Montclair NJ 2014) Allen is a big powerful wing/guard that has a variety of skill sets she played primarily facing the basket attempting 12-15 foot face-up jump shots and showed a unique ability to handle the ball for her size. She is a powerfully built long athlete with collegiate ready body, with a nice offensive field for the game. She has all the tools to be a very good defensive player with good speed, good instincts, very good shot blocking ability, a decent rebounder on both ends of the court and anticipate the passing lane very well.
Lauren Brozozoski 5'05" ( Long Island Lutheran HS, NY 2015)was tough as nails today playing gritty ball playing each possession with purpose. What impressed me was how many times she found herself on the floor for loose ball, getting knocked down going to the basket or trying to take charges. Each time she popped backup as if it was another day in the office. Verses NC Elite she finished the day.
Chastity Taylor G 5'11 Z( Anthony's, HS, Long Island NY 2014) played bigger than her listed height, she has a variety of skill sets today she showed the ability to post up and play in the post. Taylor is a very good technician operating around the basket; she uses her superior footwork and nice feel around the basket to finish when guarded by smaller players. She used both hands effortlessly handling the ball s was finishing. Most of her shots came from 15 feet our closer she is not a volume shooter.
Tamara Simpson 5'09" G (Port ledge School, long Island NY 2014) has primarily been used as a wing, but today showed much more guard skills playing the point at times. She is a very fluid athlete who can create her own shot and thrived in the transition game. Today she showed the ability to shoot the three point shot, if she can continue to knock it down that will take her game to the next level.
Sade Gibbons 6'02" F (LuHi HS, Long Island NY 2013) Gibbons is a long athletic forward with a wings athletic ability her game thrives on rebounding and defending. She showed very good eye hand coordination and very good balance for someone her size. What stuck out most to me was how hard she played at how consistently she played hard.
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