NYCHoops - The Walkers Face-off as Shooting Stars Prevail
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The Walkers Face-off as Shooting Stars Prevail

The only team that could probably give the Shooting Stars a run for their money was the Gauchos 2008 team. The Shooting Stars, who usually easily do away with their opponents, barely beat the Gauchos 90-88 in the quarterfinal iS8/Nike playoffs.
This was probably the best game you'll see for the rest of this tournament. It should have been a championship game. It would have been if the Gauchos didn't loose a game during the regular season. Each team featured an All-American player. The Stars had 6'9, Louisville bound, Samardo Samuels, and the Gauchos had the next big UConn guard, 6'2 Kemba Walker.
The highlights of the game came from the best two point guards in New York City. The top ranked one being Kemba. Playing for the Stars was 5'6, Florida bound, Erving Walker. No relation, but they sure do have basketball in their blood.
Erv finished the game with 31 points vs. Kemba's 23. The game was close the whole time, but when the game was on the line at the end of the fourth quarter the ball was in either of their hands.
The game was tied at 85 as Erv dived for a ball and called timeout with 1:50 on the clock in the fourth. After the possession, Erv tried to shake Kemba off of him. Kemba played good defense so Erv stepped back knock down a three pointer.
On the Gaucho possession, Kemba got an open look but missed the three. Luckily, his teammate recovered the ball and kicked it back out. Kemba made sure he hit the second attempt at a three to tie it at 88 points. Kemba would foul Erv driving to the rim on the next possession with 30 seconds left. Erv would hit both free throws.
As the clock winded down, Kemba takes his time to get the last shot. Erv denied Kemba a three-point shot but practically gave Kemba the lane. However, instead of trying to tie Kemba decided to take the tough three, and though he hit many that game, this one would not be one of those.
Amongst other scoring leaders was Samardo Samuels who had 29 points for the Stars. Jordan Theodore had 23 points for the Gauchos and Chris Fouch also pitched in 22 points.
This game was nerve-wracking for those faint of heart player, coach, and spectator alike. The lead bounced back and forth almost every other minute. The defending champions Shooting Stars will likely continue their journey towards another iS8/Nike championship. They'll participate in the semi-finals on Saturday May 17 at 11am vs. New York Elite.
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