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Stephenson Pleads Guilty

On Friday, according to the NY Daily News, Cincinnati-bound Lance Stephenson pleaded guilty, ending his court process and taking a deal where he will serve no jail time.
Stephenson's basketball career could have ended before it started as he faced up to six months in jail.
Last year, in October, Stephenson was accused of sexually assaulting a 17 year old woman near Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, NY. However, there was no real proof nor witnesses to verify the incident even happen.
At the time of the incident, the young lady waited three days before reporting the incident to police. Stephenson was charged with a Class B misdemeanor, later turning himself in, to later be released on his own recognizance after appearing in court.
According to NY Daily News, Stephenson has agreed to perform to community service and seek counseling. Stephenson's lawyer moved up the court date and had him take conditional discharge, according to NY Daily News sources.
Stephenson's teammate Darwin Ellis was also accused of groping the same young lady back in October.
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