Sean Bell All-Stars Highlight iS8

There were plenty of teams that left their opponents beaten, battered and bruised.
Of the seven games played at the iS8/Nike Spring High School Classic at the Jamaica, N.Y. location of the tournament, five games were blowouts. In these lopsided victories, spectators were thrilled by the talent displayed by the winning teams.
Regulars at the iS8/Nike Classics know that every time Sean Bell All-Stars (SBA) steps on the hardwood, they're in for a special treat. This season was no different. Head coach Raheem "Rah" Wiggins mixed some powerful elements together to create yet another bomb squad.
Sean Bell All-Stars, which contains some of the nation's top talent, such as St. John's-bound Sir'Dominic Pointer (Quality Education Academy, N.C.), Louisville-bound Angel Nunez (Notre Dame Prep, Mass.) and Pittsburgh-bound Khem Birch (Notre Dame Prep, Mass), had a field day with the competition on Saturday. As a result, the dynamic team, which makes trouncings appear exciting, finished its first outing at the iS8/Nike with a 2-0 standing in the South division.
Sean Bell All-Stars Treat Unique All-Stars Like Ordinary People, 101-51
Sean Bell All-Stars went from zero to 100 as soon as the ball was tipped off. In fact, the squad went on an early 7-0 run in the primary period that seemed to throw the Unique All-Stars' collective game out of whack. However, Unique had a high-profile recruit of its own to stunt the quick-moving storm the Sean Bell All-Stars were precipitating.
N.C. State-commit Tyler Harris (team-high 20 points) snapped the dry-streak with a pull-up jumper. Harris and company were able to cut the deficit down to two points, after Chris Martin (16 points) knocked down a 3-pointer to make the score 11-9.
Unfortunately for Unique All-Stars, Sean Bell's Angel Nunez (21 points) answered with a 3-pointer of his own, pulling his squad away by a two-possession margin, 14-9. The long-range three-ball would later spur another run by the long and athletic Sean Bell All-Stars.
SBA would generate more points as an and-1 completion by Dom Pointer (22 points) and a bucket by Khem Birch (10 points) extended the advantage to ten points, 22-12. Because of Unique All-Stars' inability to controllably handle the ball or get good shots off, Sean Bell All-Stars' run did not stop there. Pointer jammed home a monstrous dunk, while teammate Damion Lee (19 points) stroked a 3-pointer to elevate SBA by 17 points, 29-12.
Harris put in work for his team, but with no other options to effectively aid in the offense (or defense) on a squad with only five players, the load was too heavy for Harris to piggyback them back into contender status in the second quarter. With Unique All-Stars constantly losing possession to defensive boards and deflections by SBA's Pointer and Birch, coupled with Sean Bell All-Stars having no 'off' switch on either end of the floor, SBA saw an advantage of 30 points, 63-33, just before the close of the first half.
The score was 63-37 in favor of Sean Bell at halftime.
More of the same continued in the second half as power dunks, acrobatic moves to the hole and heavy precipitation from the perimeter kept pouring.
As a result, Unique All-Stars finished pool play with a 2-2 record in the South division.
Sean Bell Makes Early Exit for Exodus, 84-47
Exodus was able to keep the game close in the first quarter, falling behind at the end of the period by about 10 points. But, similar to the first game it played against Unique All-Stars, Sean Bell All-Stars easily broke Exodus down in the second quarter.
With about five players in double-digits, led by the consistent outside effort of Nunez (game-high 18 points), Sean Bell All-Stars played team ball. SBA made Exodus' defensive strategies moot by defaulting to another scoring option, breaking the defense down with a move off the bounce, knocking down a contested trey or simply getting baskets in transition before Exodus set up their halfcourt.
SBA's Lee finished with 14 points, while teammate Grandy Glaze added 12 points. Pointer and Birch, who made it hard for Exodus to score with their intense defensive work in the paint, netted 11 points a piece.
For Exodus, Ryan Martin scored a team-high12 points in the loss.
Exodus currently holds a 1-2 standing in the South division.