Rucker Basketball: The Legacy Continues

There are two names that are synonymous with Basketball, one of them is Jordan, and the other is "Rucker." The legendary Rucker Tournaments gave primarily black players an opportunity to play.
Holcombe Rucker started the first summer basketball tournament in the 1946. He was the first one to use basketball and education together and was responsible for sending over three hundred young people to college.
Continuing the legacy and tradition of excellence and style on the court and off the court are Holcombe's grandson, Chris Rucker and Dexter Gordon, the Co-CEO's of Rucker Basketball. Rucker Basketball is a company that designs basketball attire for many NYC high school teams including Boys & Girls, Cardozo, Wadleigh and Kennedy. Next year, Rucker Basketball attire will also be in Philadelphia with Philly Prep Charter. "Our goal is to be in every major city," says Gordon.
The Rucker Brand attire is designed by "Two young designers (James Nobles & Rez) who are on top of their game, " says Gordon who also handles basketball operations. "Because of the history of Rucker basketball every player feels special," says Gordon.
In addition to attire, for the third year in a row, Rucker Basketball also sponsors The Rucker Showcase Invitational where six NYC public schools face off against each other on February 23rd at Boys & Girls High School in Brooklyn, NY. When asked about the significance of the tournament, Gordon responded, "On addition to continuing the legacy of Rucker Basketball, our tournament is right after the PSAL regular season, during the two week break before the playoffs begin. It gives the teams who are probably going to be in the playoffs, a preview of what it will be like in a game situation." Teams featured in this year's tournament are Boys & Girls, Cardozo, Forest Hills, John F. Kennedy, Wadleigh and Wings Academy.
The future for Rucker Basketball looks bright as they plan to expand their brand nationally. They even plan to come out with their own sneaker soon. In addition, they have also petitioned Holcombe Rucker to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a contributor because he truly was and is a basketball institution. An institution whose legacy continues through Rucker Basketball.
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