Rhoomes ineligible; NIA appeals

NEWARK, NJ - Alif Muhammad, Founder, Developer & President of Alif Muhammad NIA School a Non-Public School in Newark, NJ.
The athletic division has a basketball team known as NIA Prep - a Nationally Ranked Team advises that Ryan Rhoomes of Queens, NY; formally of Cardozo High School will not attend Texas Christian University (TCU) until the January 2012 semester.
Presently Alif Muhammad NIA School is appealing the coursework that Ryan completed as a 2010-2011 Post-Graduate student. TCU Fall Semester begins August 22, 2011 and the NCAA Appeal will not be heard until after the start of the semester.

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Alif Muhammad NIA Schools' status with NCAA as of June 2006, per an article in the Newark Star-Ledger dated 4/3/2011:
"Despite an NCAA investigation five years ago that was part of an effort to crack down on diploma mills, NIA hasproved to be a legitimate school. It is registeredwith the New Jersey Department of Education and is also a memberofthe College Board.
In addition, NIA is "cleared with conditions" by the NCAA, meaning its diplomas accepted but reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be accompanied by proof of completed corework, according to Fred Demarest, the NCAA's assistant director of public and media relations."
Alif Muhammad NIA School must supply the student/athletes attendance sheets, copy of textbooks, course syllabus, all classwork/homework and all tests & quizzes to NCAA for review.
The Alif Muhammad NIA School has qualified twenty-eight (28) Division I athletes (football, men & women's basketball) from the following universities, University of Pittsburg, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, UConn since the 2006 NCAA Investigation. In the past five (5) years only two students have been denied.
Prior to the NCAA Investigation eight (8) students were validated in the years 2003 - 2005.
Lastly, the Alif Muhammad NIA Schools diplomas and grades have been accepted by over 100 institutions that are members of the NCAA i.e. Cornell University, NYU, Georgetown, etc. NCAA-Eligibility has accepted all of NIA's High School diplomas as graduation requirement.
NIA School has in the Appeal stage with NCAA - 13 Core Courses.
The NIA School will still have four (4) teams this year and will still issue High School diplomas that are accepted by the NCAA and will outsource courses for Division I and Division II athletes only, to approved NCAA local schools, Junior Colleges and local NJ universities (at NIA's expense) as non-matriculate students, until the appeals have been heard.
*Special note NIA will still issue the credits under their Official Transcripts.
Alif Muhammad NIA School is recognized by the US Government, we receive Title I Federal Assistance and we have over 15 former students who have served in the US Military.
Three other non-New York basketball players, who attend NIA, have also been deemed ineligibe; Shaquille Thomas (Cincinnati), Kelvin Amayo (Towson) and Ibn Muhammad (Fairleigh Dickinson). All cases are scheduled to be appealed.
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