Real Talk: Athletic Scholarship Seminar

The college recruiting can be an overwhelming prospect for parents, coaches and mentors of high school boy or girl student athletes.
(when accompanied by a registered parent or coach)
Starting in October, right before high school try-outs, the Real Talk: Athletic Scholarship Seminars will again be available to provide candid information necessary to help navigate successfully to an athletic scholarship.
Topics like:
AAU vs. High School
SAT's Prep School and
What coaches really look for are just a few of the segments that are discussed
Started in 2011 by Maurice Wingate ( publisher & President of HSB Network) with great success, the Real Talk: Athletic Scholarship Seminars consist of a panel of people who are movers and shakerswith regard to:
NCAA regulations
Academic requirements
Athletic training,
The recruiting process and
How to get exposure
There's even parents of student-athletes on the most panels that successfully obtained scholarships for their children. They will tell you what to look for and what to look out for and how the scholarship game is played. Attendees get no frills, uncut answer to the tough questions.
"I got tired of seeing so many talented kids fall through the athletic scholarship cracks or fall from grace after receiving offers," said Wingate. "I thought people should get the facts from an unbiased panel as opposed to getting info via rumors, hearsay, urban myths or snakes in the grass."
The timing of the seminars are right before high school try-outs, so that both parents, coaches and student-athlete can better grasp of what to expect and have their minds right from day one.
Parents and student-athletes will learn about the pitfalls and what needs to be done to get the student-athlete on the right track and where he needs to be in order to have the best opportunity to receive a scholarship.
Topic will also include:
Division I, Division II or Division III
The truth about JUCO and Prep School.
Manhattan, NY: The first seminar will be on Friday October 26th at Wadleigh HS in New York. (6:30pm -8:30pm)
Long Island, NY: The second seminar will be on Saturday at The Island Garden in West Hempstead, NY on October 27th. (11am -pm)
The third seminars will be on Wednesday November 7th at Wayne PAL Wayne, NJ at
Due to high demand and an intimate setting, seating is limited.
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If you're serious about getting a scholarship, it's time for Real Talk: Athletic Scholarship Seminars