Player Profile - Erving Walker

Erving Walker
Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Christ the King
We've heard the knock on Christ the King guard Erving Walker over and over. "He's too small to play here. He's too small to play there. But the 5-foot-7 seven guard brings it every time he touches the floor.
Last season he helped lead the Royals to a 24-5 record with wins over Lincoln, St.Raymonds and a good Wings Academy team. Before really getting a chance to see Walker play I had heard a lot about the pint size guard. People would say, "There's a short kid at Christ the King that gets the job done. He's small, but that doesn't stop him from doing what he has to do on the floor." Hearing that I finally had a chance to see Walker play in person at the Nike Super Six last season against Wings Academy where he scored 18 points.
What helped him out last season was that he wasn't set in as a point guard because of his frame. With fellow guard Malik Boothe (now at St.John's) in the backcourt, Walker had a chance to show off his two guard skills as well as bring the ball up on occasion for Bob Oliva's team. With Boothe primarily at the lead guard position, Walker was able to show his deadly accuracy for three point range. And best believe he does have it.
Billy Donovan and the Florida Gator staff believed in it and Walker will be a Gator in 08-09 season. Before heading down to Gainesville, Walker has some business to handle as the Royals are looking to capture another CHSAA title and avenge a Federation loss to Rice last March.
Walker might just be the quickest guard at changing end to end in the city. He also doesn't get rattled easy when he's out on the floor. Can play either guard position very well. While he's more suited as a two because of his deadly shot, will sometimes shift to the one when more scoring firepower is needed. Another thing about Walker is his heart. With his diminutive size guys sometimes overlook him and that's when he kills you.
The size thing has always been a factor with Walker. At 5-foot-7 he's heard the too small echoing all his life. While it doesn't seem to hamper his game, you wonder at what level of play will it begin to take its course.
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