Player Profile: Chris Fouch

Chris Fouch
Shooting Guard
Rice H.S., NY, NY
Hands down, Chris Fouch is the best shooter in New York City. Simple put, if you were to put the Rice shooting guard in a shooting competition with anyone else in the country he'd more than likely win 99 out of 100 times. His stroke is that good.
Last season, Fouch spent time in a Raiders backcourt that had Kemba Walker and Lamont Jones. Together the trio helped Mo Hicks' group reach a 27-4 record beating Mount Vernon in the Federation tournament before losing to Lincoln in the state championship.
This past summer Fouch toured with what some have tabbed one of the best AAU teams, the Gauchos 17U squad. A squad that picked up championships in Arizona (Cactus Classic), Las Vegas (GBOA Challenge) and anywhere else they traveled too. While Fouch didn't get the same attention as some of his summer circuit teammates, he still managed to get some attention from schools.
As it looks right now, Fouch is seen as a mid major guy and could really contribute to a program like a Hofstra, George Mason type school.
Before any of that gets done, he'll have to help the Raiders take home a CHSAA title and Federation title.
You can't give him a foot of space, because you give him an inch of room and he'll kill you with his jumper. He just doesn't miss. While some players would be better shooters from straight ahead or the elbow, Fouch can shoot it from anywhere and be comfortable.
At 6-feet-1, it's hard to tag him with a position. His height would say he's a point guard, but his ball handling skills aren't where you'd expect it to be. He also seems to focus on getting his shot off which can sometimes hamper his passing ability in getting other teammates the ball.
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