Playaz over Panthers for Spring Fling Chip

The Spring Fling Phase ll 17U Championships were set as the Playaz Club Red on New Jersey faced off against the NYC Panthers. Each team would have their opportunity to enjoy a lead over the other team but in the end the Playaz Club's offensive onslaught was simply three points too much as they would go win the chip 73-72.
Isiah Epps would kick it off early with a quick two points for Players Club Red as bigs T.J. Clemmings and Shaq Thomas cleaned the boards for the NJ team.
Panther Winston Graham would nail one from the right corner to tie the game at 4 but The Playaz forged ahead capped by Jayon James with a three ball to put the Playaz up by 6 early in the half.
Although Lehman high schools Armand Thomas and Omari Lawrence of St. Ray's would put in chippies for the Panthers, the Playaz Juggernaut chugged along as Clemmings, Ashaun White and Fuquan Edwards all contributed to the Playaz extensive offensive weaponry.
The Panthers countered going small and quick as young point guard Sterling Gibbs, a former New Heights baller, joined William Williams and Chaz Williams. The tact worked as the Panthers began to score and a Kevin Parrom lay-up would finally give The Panthers their first lead with 5:40 left in the half.
The lead would volley back and fourth as the game became physical with both teams obviously completing the feeling out process.
Gibbs ran point successfully as with 2 minutes left the Panthers had the lead.
A hard foul by Parrom on Clemmings would delay the game with 1:40.
Shaq Thomas had a chance to again tie the game at the charity strip but missed two and the Panthers went on a run headed by Graham and Gibbs with back to back threes leaving the NY team up by 7 and ahead at the half 38-31.
To start the second half, the Playaz Club went on a 12-0 run to take the lead 43 -38. T.J Clemmings got blocked and followed up with an NBA power dunk off the miss.
A Shaq Thomas put back put Playaz up by 7 with 9:47.
Ashaun White was deadly outside and Camerron Ayers was scorching the Panthers from the perimeter as well but key buckets by C. Williams and Gibbs would put the Panthers to within 4.
With 5:29 the Panthers would be down 3 as Kevin Parrom would score from the line followed by a jumper by Omari Lawrence.
With 4:21 left C. Williams would score an and-1 followed by a Gibbs bucket and the Panthers were on down by 2 and Parrom would tie the game at 61 with a little over 3 minutes.
A Chaz Williams would put the Panthers up by three.
The lead would jockey back and fourth but a miss and a turnover by Jayon James would result in a Parrom score with 1:40.
T.J. Clemmings would score on the inside to tie the game at 69 with 54 seconds to play in regulation.
Chaz Williams would shake and bake with 29 second and score an and-1 to put Panthers up by three but Ayers would nail critical three pointer from the corner and get fouled with 11 seconds to tie. He hit the foul shot to put Playaz up by one where they would ultimately win 73-72
The high scorer and tournament MVP was Camarron Ayers with 25 points while T.J. Clemmings poured in 14. Omari Lawrence led the Panthers with 20 with Kevin Parrom contributing 16 points.