NIKE Tournament of Champions

On Sunday (8/21), it's a big day in the New York basketball. The NIKE Tournament of Champions will take place at the Gauchos Gym in the Bronx, NY.
In an exclusive, spoke with Bernard Bowen, one of the event's coordinators and learned the day's itinerary.
The NIKE TOC will include the Battle of the Boroughs, a "Franchise" All-Star Game as well as the Pro-Am Championship. After quite a few venue changes and time readjustments, the NIKE sponsored event is finally set.
The day will begin with the Battle of the Boroughs. At 11:00am, Queens will face off against the Bronx followed by Manhattan (Harlem) versus Brooklyn at 12:30pm. As an added note, NJ's Kyle Anderson is slanted to play with the Harlem squad.
The winners of each game will then face off in the championship at 4:00pm.
At 2:00pm, after the Battle of the Borough semifinals, there will be an All-Star game in honor of fallen street ball legend John "Franchise" Strickland. Scheduled to participate are such stars as Andre' Barrett, Kenny Satterfield, Curtis Kelly, Mike Glover and others.
After the Battle of the Boroughs championship, the evening with wrap up with the Pro-Am Championship at 6:00pm. Since Coach Maxwell "Bingo" Cole's team won both the Hoops in the Sun and the Dyckman tournaments, there will only be one unlimited division game between the X-Men and Team NIKE/Bingo All-Stars.
The Gauchos Gym is located at 478 Gerard Ave. in the Bronx, NY.
The event, originally scheduled to take place at Dyckman Park in Harlem, NY, relocated to the Bronx, NY gym after experiencing city permit issues.
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