Nike Pre-Draft Camp comes to L.I.

On Saturday March 2nd, 2013 a unique co-ed basketball training experience comes to New York for one day only. The Nike Pre-Draft Camp will take place at Long Island Lutheran High School in Brookville, NY.
According to the camp's Director Mike Morrison, the Pre-Draft Camp "was created to take elite level training and [basketball] I.Q. development to players that weren't necessarily consider to be elite.
Morrison said the concept was tested in the summer of 2010 in Chicago and many of those participants are now considered to be elite players on a national level. Players such are Jabari Parker, Anthony Davis, Kendrick Nunn and Jahlil okafor have all participated in and got their start in the Nike Pre-Draft Camp.
During the Co-ed camp, players work on individualized aspects such as ball-handling and shooting but Morrison added that what's unique about the program is that the players are taught "how to apply that into the team concept; real life situations."
Modeled after the NBA Pre-Draft Camp, the Nike Pre-Draft Camp takes into accounts the skill level of participants which is 6th - 12th grade and is a platform to cultivate and identify the next generation of basketballs elite players.
Morrison said that participants are also taught how to pass accurately, set and use screens and other valuable skills but that the Nike Pre-Draft Camp goes a step farther. "We have a Q&A with parents and they also get a chance to talk to parents of elite level [NBA] players like Mike Kidd-Gilchrist's mom and Austin Rivers' dad or mom." In addition, 5-star scouts will talk about how they scout for players, what they look for as well as to dispel any rumors about the recruiting process.
According to Morrison, the Camp is designed to "Educate, enhance and elevate."
The Nike Pre-Draft Camp has limited space available.
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