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New Heights 2010 Runs Over MetroHawks B

Two young teams faced each other early as New Heights 2010 faced off against MetroHawks (B) in the second game of the first day of the iS8/Nike playoffs.
In a game that was only close at the tip off, New Heights would quickly surge ahead of the MetroHawks, benefiting from excessive turnovers, ultimately defeating them by 18 points.
6'6" sophomore Jayvaughn Pinkston of Bishop Loughlin would strike first for New Heights, driving in for the and-1 followed by a dunk by teammate Ashton Pankey.
New Heights came out blazin' but Shaquille Stokes would quiet things down with two jump shots and an assist to Dave Samuels to put MetroHawks back in the game but still down by three points.
Pinkston would display his versatility, bangin' down shots from the perimeter as New Heights also dominated on both the offensive and defensive boards early. New Heights took full advantage had the twin towers of 6'8"Pankey and 6'7" Devon Collier.
6'1" sophomore Brandon Frazier of Bishop Loughlin would net two threes from the left corner while Devon "Fatty" McMillian would clean up down middle as New Heights lead would extend to 8 points as the first quarter ended.
To start the second, New Heights 2010 would extend their lead to 11 points as the MetroHawks disregarded the universally accepted team play concept.
The MetroHawks could not penetrate New Heights zone and their jumpers weren't falling.
With 3:58 left in the half, the MetroHawks would still be down 10 points as Marky York would extend New Heights lead to 12 points with a jumper from the corner.
As the first half ended, with the MetroHawks were out of control as the New Heights went on a scoring tirade to end the half 44-28.
After hearing a mouthful from Coach Kenny Pretlow, the MetroHawks would press the young New Heights team hoping to rattle them, but turnovers and fouls would quickly divert those plans as the New Height lead grew to 18 points.
Dyrek Jones would finally put something down for the MetroHawks midway through the third quarter.
With Pankey and Collier defending the paint, the MetroHawks would get virtually no lay-ups or offensive rebounds. It would be one an done for the befuddled Hawk team both offensive and seemingly by games end as New Heights maintained a 16 point lead.
The MetroHawks problems would be compounded as Jones would get a knee injury late in the third quarter after a collision with Pinkston.
The MetroHawks would then employ a weak full court press that usually left them on the back end of New Heights lay-ups.
With 49 seconds left Coach Pretlow would get a frustration technical foul followed by a Corey Edwards and-1 would give New Heights a 21 point lead to end the quarter.
A perfect quarter would be required from the MetroHawks to have a chance to even get back into the game but the turnovers would continue and continue squashing that idea as the game ended with New Heights 2010 winning 82-65.
Ashton Pankey was the high scorer with 18 points followed by Devon McMillian with 15 points.
Dave Samuels led the MetroHawks with 15 points. Next up for New Heights 2010 is the Playaz Club Seniors on Saturday at 4:45pm.
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