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Lance Stephenson Webisode Preview

BORN READY is a web series dedicated to following the life and pursuit of basketball glory by high school phenom LANCE STEPHENSON, a Junior @ Lincoln High School in Coney Island, NY. See New Webisode NOW...
Lance is already being touted as the "next" LeBron James...At 6 feet 6 inches, he is widely regarded as the number one high school basketball player in the country...His team has won the New York City Championship for the last 2 years, and if all goes well, Lance will become the first player in New York history to win 4 championships...
Lance is an exceptional story because he has grown up in a tough neighborhood surrounded by violence and poverty yet he has still managed to stay on track and set himself up to have an incredible future... Lance has a loving family that has always been there to encourage, support and love him. BORN READY will not only focus on Lance's athletic accomplishments, it will also go behind the scenes to show the other stars in his life including his parents, Stretch and Bern, his baby brother Lantz, his teammates, his girlfriend Jasmine and his neighborhood friends. We will show that for a young kid to succeed, he needs a strong supporting cast.
Through every close game, cross-town rivalry and twist and turn of Lance's gripping season BORN READY will be there, in REAL time, to capture the drama on the court...and off.
To see full webisode Go to www.BornReady.TV
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