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Lambs 43 help Gauchos win in 2OT

The Gauchos Black pulled off a 106-104 victory in double overtime against the MSU Skyliners this Saturday May 3, at the iS8/Nike.
An important win for the Gauchos being that this could be a possible match-up in the playoffs starting Thursday May 8.
Sophomore, 6'4, guard Doron Lamb took over the second half of the game for Gauchos finishing with 43 points. Russ Smith also contributed to the Gauchos victory with 35 points. Dashaun Mitchell was the leader for the Skyliners with 25.
At the end of the fourth quarter coaches, players, and fans from both sides alike shouted in anger or joy at the fact of whether there should have been any overtimes at all. The game seemed to belong to the Gauchos as the announcer voiced the last ten seconds and said "that's the ball game" moments before Mitchell Anderson's, who had 23 total points, three-pointer went in for the Skyliners. However the referee's overruled and counted the basket at that point which tied the game up 83-83.
The Skyliners owned most of the game, as they opened with a rejection sent down court turning into an alley-oop as the first play. However the Gauchos were always close on their heels as Smith was unstoppable going to the lane in the first half.
In the second half it was Doron Lamb vs. Dashaun Mitchell trading buckets as the lead bounced back and fourth. It seemed to be over when Smith hit a three from beyond pro-range with 40 seconds left, before Anderson's debatable buzzer beater.
The teams traded buckets continuously for the first overtime. Lamb's crossover dribble into a lay put the Gauchos up 94-93 with less than a minute. Then Mitchell was fouled going to the lane as the clocked expired, causing more uproar. Then he hit one free-throw for the second OT.
The Gauchos were determined not have any questionable calls and got the job done in 2nd OT. They traded buckets enough to gain the lead and played good defense on the last play in which the Skyliners couldn't convert.
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