Knights Lasoo New Ro

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On January 24th would be the last time these two teams met. The New Rochelle Huguenots fell short by seven points to their cross team rivals the Mount Vernon Knights led by Jabarie Hinds.
The Huguenots led by P.J. Torres returned this evening to face their rivals once more on their home court. The game action packed game would end in a thrilling finish, 85-74.
In the first quarter, the Knights led 12-8 by the two minute mark. The high flying Torres quickly scored three points with a layup and one point at that the charity stripe pushing the Huguenots ahead 13-12 with a minute left in the quarter. Hinds scored on the fast break down the other end taking back the lead 14-13. Torres would increase his team's lead off a rebound and with one point at the line by the end of the quarter 16-14 New Rochelle.
The Huguenots maintained their lead well into the second quarter 32-26. Hinds would change that with a nice pass to junior Randy Stephens cutting down on New Rochelle lead making it a two point game 33-31 at the 2:53 mark. Hinds the playmaker would make another pass to senior Khalid Samuels making it a one point game. New Rochelle senior Darrel Blackstock would answer back off the drive putting his team ahead 35-34. Senior Knight Jamell Walker would close out this quarter with a jumper 39-38 Knights.
In the third quarter both team captains were in the zone. Torres scored two after a drive to the basket; a foul would be called on Mount Vernon. Torres scores one point at the line making it a two point game 43-41 Knights lead. Hinds answers back with a corner jumper shot for two. New Ro scored two but Hinds would quickly get the steal to score two and then score another two points off an inbound pass with a floater at the 4:29 minute mark, 49-43. Torres continued his scoring streak scoring a corner jumper. Knight sophomore Joshua Doughty would score four points in the closing minutes of the quarter with a buzzer shot 60-53.
The Knight's led throughout the fourth quarter. Hinds would hit a jumper at the half way mark increasing his team lead 70-57. Torres would drive through traffic in the lane to score 70-60 making it a ten point game. Hinds then scored two after a drive down the lane with a one hand floater. New Rochelle is then fouled and Hinds goes to the line for one. Another foul is called on the New Ro team sending Stephens to the line for one 74-60. Stephens dishes to senior Adam Malheur for two. Samuels drives down the lane putting the Knights ahead78-60. With a minute left to play Blackstock would score four more points a one hand jam down at the other end and one at the line 78-65. The New Rochelle squad would score nine more points but fall twice this season to their hometown rivals the Mount Vernon Knights.
Jabarie Hinds led for the Mount Vernon Knights with 29 points, four rebounds, and four assists. PJ Torres led for the New Rochelle Huguenots with 37 points and 13 rebounds.