High School Basketball Network Gets LIVE

The High School Basketball Network (HSBnetwork.TV), has continuously featured top tier webcasts of the most competitive high school games and tournaments over the years. In 2008, The HSB Network provided live webcasts of the Jordan Brand Classic Regional & International All-Star Games and on-demand webcasts of the iS8/Nike Semifinals & Championship Game, PSAL Semifinals and Big Apple Basketball Invitational.
Last year's regional Jordan Brand Game featured players such as Darryl Bryant, Kevin Jones, Jordan Theodore, Quintrell Thomas, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Jiovanny Fontan and Erving Walker.
Already in 2009, The HSB Network has provided webcasts of the Big Apple Basketball Invitational but on March 15th, the webcasting network took it up a notch providing Webcasts as a staple. "Nothing beat's seeing the action live and a gym can only hold but so many people. When we did the Jordan Brand Classic last year we received over 6500 subscribers for the live event and over 100,000 on-demand," says Maurice Wingate, the President and CEO of The HSB Network.
Recently, The HSB Network provided live webcasts of the Public Schools Athletic League Semifinal Game at St. John's University. The first game was an exciting overtime game between John F. Kennedy HS and Thomas Jefferson Campus. "The amount of subscribers for the event was staggering," says Wingate. "The second game between Lincoln and Boys & Girls was even more impressive. Probably because of the star power of players like Lance Stephenson probably drove up the audience."
The HSB Network has schedule of upcoming live events that is sure to be on the must see list of college coaches and fans alike. "We will be focused on the elite events in the Northeast, providing live webcasts of tournaments such as the Jordan Brand Classic Regional & International Games, the iS8/Nike Spring High School Classic, the Metropolitan AAU Boys & Girls Regional Championships, the Rumble in the Bronx Championships and the Reebok All-American Games," says Wingate. "D-1 College coaches love it, especially because they actually can see potential recruits play all summer long without breaking any rules."
Wingate says, the company will still be offering On-Demand webcasts in addition to its newly added live webcasts. The next live event will be the Jordan Brand Classic on Saturday April 18th from Madison Square Garden. The International game will start at 3:30pm EST while the Regional game will begin at 5:30pm EST
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