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Gauchos Show No Mercy to Jaguars

The Rumble in the Bronx 16U pool play game on Friday would be won by the talented loaded roster of the NY Gauchos. The Gauchos would out perform the lifeless NYC Jaguars.
Gauchos star sophomore Doron Lamb would fire off an opening three-pointer which marked the beginning of what was to come.
The Jaguars never got in the game until half way through the first finally scoring two points after the Gauchos went on a 14-0 tear.
Mohammed Lee would drive into the paint past the Jaguars extending his teams lead to 19-2.
With five minutes left in the game the Jaguars look like they were getting back in the game cutting the Gaucho lead to 9 points.
By the end of the first half, the Gauchos would regain their composure holding on to an 11 point lead at the half.
The second half would drag on with only Tarell Hunt and Brandon Rivera scoring for the Jaguars as the lead extended to 14 points. Throughout the second half, the Gauchos lead continued to widen until the score was 70-48 when the mercy rule was enacted.
NY Gauchos leading scorer was Mohammed Lee with 16 points and Melsahan Basabe added 12 points. Jaguar's high scorer was Tarell Hunt with 13 points.
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