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Funsport Jr. Pros Top-Flight 24

On November 06, 2010, the Funsport Jr. Pros JHS Basketball Program kicked off at Ronald Edmonds Learning Center located in Brooklyn, NY.
Thirty-Eight teams played in a five-game season led by single-game elimination playoffs that culminated with a championship game at the world famous Madison Square Garden. Here is Funsport Jr. Pros Top-Flight 24, a list of talented middle-schoolers and the future of high school basketball . These are the kids we believe will be at the top of the class of 2015 in the Northeast region (listed in alphabetical order).
Chris Atkinson (Guard) - C3 Elite - Long Island
A guard with great skills; He's able to break down the defense and get himself or his teammates a bucket. Poised, smart, and crafty with the ball. Plays on both sides of the ball (offense and defense).
Nassir Barrino (Guard) - Team Scan - NJ
Sometimes he looks like he's not playing hard but to his credit that's how easy the game comes to him. So opposing teams beware! He has the ability to play both guard spots. He can finish at the basket with the best of them. Cool and dangerous and although we never seen him angry, he has a killer's mentality when it comes to crunch time.
Isaiah Briscoe (Guard) - Team Scan - NJ
A multi-talented guard who can shoot, pass, score, and rebound. You name it he does it. Great size right now as a middle school guard. He gets from point A to point Z with ease. Uncanny ability to make plays in traffic. The phrase, "never let them see you sweat" was made for this kid because he sweats no situation.
Traci Carter (Guard) - Philly Aztecs - Philly
This kid's swagger meter is off the charts! He attacks the challenge rather than run away from them. His game has a bounce it in from the disco days cause he likes to boogie. He can shoot, handle, and pass with the best of them. Scoring is his thing and he does it well
Daquan Ervin (Guard) - New Heights - Brooklyn
"I'm all about my business" is this kid. He comes through the door with that look on his face. The coach does not have to motivate him to play hard. He will run through you, over you, or around you in his conquest to get to the basket. Great play-maker and a beast defensively
Sam Foreman (Guard) - Team Final - Philly
He can dominate the game without even scoring a basket, which explains how good he is in all aspects of the game. He can play both guards spots. He's fundamentally sound and looks as if he plays multi sports and basketball is just a hobby. He is relentless on the defensive end and it's like he has a thirst for it. He's as tough as they come. He's the glue keeping the model car together.
Marcus Floyd (Guard) - Philly Aztecs - Philly
He's a great lead guard. Very smart on the court and smooth. Great combination to have running the team. He understands his limitations and will not go over the limit. Good range on his jumper and will punish you if you allow him to shoot. Solid as a rock.
Juwan Gooding (Guard) - Albany Dream Team - Boston
The Tasmanian devil in the flesh! This kid is a nightmare on defense. He's super quick and a one-man press machine. His offense is superior to most and he can go from 0-60 in 3 seconds.
Jesse Govan (Forward/Center) - LI Lightning - Queens
He's a walking triple-double. As an 8th grader, he's already 6'6" and this kid is still growing. When his game catches up with his body you better watch out. Has a soft touch around the basket, which allows him to finish plays. He's an offensive rebounding machine who needs a mean streak that will eventually come.
Devonte Green (Guard) - Gauchos - Long Island
Just add batteries to this player and watch him work. He is ready for high school now. A physical guard who loves competition. He can score in a variety of ways and is bless with great genetics (younger brother of Danny Green from University of North Carolina drafted by Cleveland Cavs). He handles the ball well and has good range on his jumper. Reminds me of an Adrian Peterson with a basketball.
Jaquan Hickman (Guard) - Abyssinian - Harlem
When he comes to play, he dominates. He scores in bunches and can shoot and get to the basket. He needs to be kick started sometimes. He plays bigger than his size and rebounds like a forward. His motivation is the key to his success.
Levi Holmes (Guard) - Nj Pirates - NJ
The locker-room is this kid's range so you better guard him from there. He can score with the best of them. He has a good handle and great shooting is typically a recipe for an offensive juggernaut.
Lamarr Kimble (Guard) - Team Final - Philly/NJ
Well this is Jason Kidd or Mark Jackson's middle school clone. He is built just like both guards and can play with his back to the basket or in transition pushing the ball. He has good range on his jumper, smart, and tough on defense. He never gets distracted from the goal to win. He's going to have his own TV show one day…"Everybody Loves Kimble".
Jamie Killings (Forward) - F.Y.A. - Brooklyn
He's a super athletic kid and if he walked in the gym you wouldn't think he was good at all then when the game starts and he's come down the court and dunks two-hand tomahawk, you will be asking, "Who is he". The sky is the limit for this kid who can shoot, dribble, pass, and dunk on players. He plays a hybrid 5 position, meaning he plays the 5 but can switch to the other 4 positions if needed. He blocks shots in bunches and rebounds. Loves to play above the rim.
Devin Liggeons (Forward) - Philly Aztecs - Philly
The new "junk yard dog". He cleans up the garbage, rebounds in traffic, and turns that into points. He finishes in traffic better than most kids his age and lets his game do the talking. Quiet but deadly and excels when it's a big game.
Jerron Love (Guard) - Albany Dream Team - Bronx
"A lil bit of love is all you need to get hooked". This kid is exciting to watch and can shoot the ball with range. He can handle it like FedEx. He plays defense like he was coached by Rex Ryan and looks like he should be in a commercial and not on the court. He stands at 5'7" but plays like he's 6ft. He has heart and plays with every bit of energy he has in his body. A growth spurt and watch out.
Jaquan McKennon (Guard) - NYC Elite - Queens {Committed to St. Rays}
The left-hand king, shake & bake slot machine! This kid is by far head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to knowledge of the game. He knows how to jab at you to get his shot and he moves well without the ball to get into scoring areas for himself. He sets his teammates up to get easy baskets and help defense doesn't have to be taught to him at next level. Can somebody say student of the game? St. Raymond's picked a good leader.
Demarcus Miller (Guard) - Westchester Hawks - Westchester
He scores and plays defense well. He's a complete player who does not make a lot of mistakes on the court. He has good grades and is going to be successful at anything he does. He's a coach's dream as he never takes a play off and accepts the challenge.
Donovan Mitchell (Guard) - The City - Westchester
If he walked into the gym you would swear this kid was already in high school. When he's on the court he's about his grown man business, which earned him the nickname "Grown Man B.I." He's super athletic, super quick, and in superior shape. His body is built like he was made from rock. He's ready for the next level now. His basketball skills are nothing to sneeze at either as he can play the 1, 2, or 3 and play it well.
Cheyenne Nettleton (Guard) - Positive Direction Big Game - Queens
Another lucky-lefty! Great guard who gets the most out of his left-hand. He can score, shoot it well, and handle it well. He has a smooth game and plays on both sides of the ball. He accepts challenges with a smile. A great kid who wants to be the best.
Malachi Richardson (Guard) - Team Final - Philly/NJ
Under the word player in the dictionary you would see his face. He gets at it on the court but lets the game come to him. He can shoot it from any area code and already has great size at 6'4" yet if he grows any more your looking at stardom. He plays within himself and never gets flustered. Game recognizes game and he has major D-1 game.
Austrian Robinson (Forward) - Team Scan - Harlem
Rebounding genius. Everything he touches off the backboard turns to gold for his team. He does all the dirty work and loves it. He does not complain about touches because he knows when the ball comes off the backboard it belongs to him. When he gets to next level and his game evolves, there is going to be trouble for the other teams front line. He can become the best post player of his class in NYC.
Horace Spencer (Forward) - Philly Youth Org - Philly
He has huge upside written all over him. He's super athletic and is being compared to NBA stars already. He can be standing in the bathroom and block your jump shot. A legit 6'8" forward and growing. By far he has major D1 appeal on his forehead and finishes around the basket with ease and grace. He rebounds above the box blessed with gazelle like quickness. Any shot taken around him is sent back via airmail and he's still a baby just turning 14yrs..Wait until he grows up...scary.
Treyvaughn Wilkerson (Forward) - Team Final - Philly
A legit big man at 6'6" who plays with his back to the basket. He has an assortment of moves that impressed Amare Stoudemire with a drop step dunk in a game. Great rebounder that finishes anything he touches around the basket. Has a great motor with the under armour mentality when he's on defense… "Must protect this house (basket)".