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1st Annual Franchise Classic

The 1st Annual Franchise Classic Memorial high school game will be held on Saturday, August, 13, 2011,
at Col. Young Park.
This game is a memorial to the legendary streetball player John "Franchise" Strickland, featuring some of the top high school players from around the country, as Team USA, against the top players from the NYC Tri-state area as Team NYC.
Most of the players are in the top 25 player's rankings in their respective classes. This game is free entry and open to the public. There will be free giveaways for fans. This game is sponsored by Inside Streetball and the Tri-State tournament.
What: 1st Annual "Franchise Classic"
When: Saturday, August 13, 2011 @ 8 PM
Location: Col. Young Park, 145th Street and Lenox Avenue, Manhattan, New York
Players invited:
Team USA:
Ricardo Ledo, Archie Goodwin, Jarnell Stokes, Shaquille Goodwin, Martavious Newby, Malik Price-Martin, Christopher Walker & Greg McClinton and others coached by Rah Wiggins
Team NYC:
Omar Calhoun, Kyle Anderson, Myles Davis, Kareem Canty, Malik Nichols, Daniel Dingle, Savon Goodman, Derek Woods, Daijuan Walker, Mike Lee, Jevon Thomas, Kamari Murphy, Nkereuwem Okoro and Akil Carr and others coached Mousey Carela
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