St. Rays wins Battle for the Bronx in OT

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BRONX, NY - This City Legendz Invitational game in the St. Raymond gym could have been named the "Battle for The Bronx" and you wouldn't have gotten much of an argument. The game between #7 ranked Wings Academy and un-ranked St. Raymond could be classified as a rivalry just based on the way the kids played against each other. There were a number of skirmishes in the contest that validate that rivalry angle.
St. Raymond trailed for a majority of the game against Wings. However, after falling down by as many of 5 points in the fourth quarter, they rallied all the way back to tie that game in regulation and send it to overtime. In the end of the extra four minute session was tied at 64. That was when Tory Ferguson came to life.
Ferguson was able to get the ball in his hands as the last seconds ticked off the clock. He drove the baseline and pulled up about 15 feet away and drained the game winning shot. The basket gave St. Raymond a 66-64 comeback victory.
One marquee matchup was the big boys in the paint. St. Raymond 6'8" forward Luis Santos and Wings 6'10" center Jessie Govan. They basically played to a draw, but the tiebreaker is obviously winning the game. Santos finished tied with a team high 16 points, while Govan finished with an effective 17 points.
Santos was more forceful with his field goals, going up strong and mostly trying to finish his shots with a dunk. Govan was very effective using a hook shot which was basically impossible to guard if he gets himself going.
Going into the fourth quarter Wings held a 46-42 lead and went up by five when junior PG Randy Corporan knocked down a triple from the left elbow to give Wings a 50-45 lead. Despite that, the Ravens still were able to get back into the game.
After a free throw put Wings up 51-45, Santos dunked the ball on St. Raymond's possession. That was the wakeup call that was necessary for the Ravens. Also, senior guard Tory Ferguson was the player who was able to knock in the winning shot at the end of the first overtime. Ferguson was asked what he thought about the buzzer beater.
"I got the ball on the last possession. I just felt I had to take my team home" Ferguson said. The shot looked good as soon as it left his hand and went through the net simultaneously with the buzzer sounding. Then the crowd ran onto the court, hysterical with joy.
And for the time being, St. Raymond's have bragging rights in the Bronx.
In addition to Santos scoring 16, 6'5" freshman Sidney Wilson also dropped 16 for St. Raymond's. Wings was led by 6-0 junior guard Desure Buie who scored a game high 24 points.
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