New Rochelle Takes out White Plains in 3OT

On Friday, the White Plains Tigers battled against the New Rochelle Huguenots at New Rochelle High School in Westchester, NY. This nailing biting triple overtime was a classic show down between two long time Westchester rivals.
The beginning of the game had a fast start with key playmaker 6-5 Small Forward Sean Kilpatrick who hit the first opening 2 points of the game. Yet, in the end, this clash of determination and will was won when the Huguenots tamed the Tigers 92-84.
Tigers star player Kilpatrick and senior guard 6-1 Ra'Shad James, carried their team throughout the first quarter. White Plains, James ended the first quarter with a huge three-pointer making the score 15-8 for the Tigers. By the end of the second, the Huguenots rallied back with 6-2 sophomore Forward Antoine Mason earning 12 points ending out the Tigers lead with a one-point lead 28-27.
As the third quarter began Mason quickly, changed the Tigers lead with a 2-point lay-up shot 30-29. James received his second foul and Kilpatrick hit the two 31-30 lead for White Plains. New Rochelle 6-2 Forward Travis Wright received his third foul and that brought the Tigers James to the line for a quick 1-point and 2-point rebound 34-30 lead for Tigers. The third seemed to belong to James who drove down the paint to slam a two-handed dunk increasing White Plains lead 36-30. The Tigers lead the game, until Mason hit a 3 points increasing their score 38-33. Huguenots 6-1 junior Forward John Calarco answered the Tigers lead hitting two points inside the lane. The game became tied up again when Mason made another three pointer
As the Huguenots turned up the pressure on the Tigers, James penetrated pass them in the lane to hit a two points breaking the tie 40-38. However, with a foul called on White Plains again, Antoine Mason went to the line once more for two points tying up the score 40-40. Calarco went in to and broke the tie with a 2 point shot ending the third quarter 42-40.
In the fourth the Huguenots attacked, as 6-0 guard Simeon Marsalis struck back with two three pointers 48-42. A foul was called, on New Rochelle's Calarco, which brought James to the line to make 2 points. Midway through the fourth quarter the Hugunots senior guard 6-0 Markell Rice received his third personal foul. White Plains James went to the line for one point 48-47. Another foul, on New Rochelle senior Forward 6-4 Eddie Egbuta this was his second personal. Kilpatrick then went to the line for two points 48-49. Kilpatrick immediately drove into the lane to get the rebound so the Tigers regained the lead 48-51. There were more fouls and timeouts called by both teams at the end of the fourth closing out 58-58.
The last three overtimes had back and forth scores, which had many fouls between both teams. In the third over-time, Kilpatrick had five personal fouls and the score was 87-81. With 32:4 seconds on the clock and New Rochelle's Marsalis on the line he hit both free throws changing the score 89-81. New Rochelle seemed to have control on the game hitting another two-point lay-up 90-81. However, White Plains 5-8 guard Nick Cutsumptas answered back with a deep three pointer from the corner 90-84. With only 6:9 seconds on the clock, White Plains had not much hope of rallying back and received another foul.
Marsalis came to the line to close out this battle making both shots ending with 92-84 New Rochelle; time had just run out for White Plains.
Tonight's key players of the game were Ra'Shad James with 30 points, Sean Kilpatrick 24 points and Nick Cutsumptas adding 12 points for White Plains.
New Rochelle key players were Antoine Mason with 28 points and Simeon Marsalis with 23 points.