Stephensons NY State of Mind

Blame it on the culture, the environment or perhaps it's just a Brooklyn thing. New Yorkers love the home team, and despite what many reports have said, love Lance Stephenson.
Whatever label you seek to place on the senior, Stephenson is a hometown hero and a winner.
When it comes to Stephenson, the perception of many has become reality for the few that watch him fish around in what has now become a fish bowl. Stephenson is well, one of the most emotional players you can watch on the court because he loves to win. If winning is a crime, Stephenson is guilty on all counts. After, winning his fourth straight PSAL title, what is left to accomplish? Well, try playing in the McDonald's All-American games on for size or winning the iS8/Spring Classic H.S. Championship. Say what you like, Stephenson is truly a winner.

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After winning the iS8 Championship game, Stephenson took a moment to speak about his high school playing career, "Oh yeah, my High School career was fine. I left out on a nice legacy. We played hard (at iS8 Spring/Classic) and I am happy we ended off like this," said Stephenson.
Now that there is nothing left for him accomplish, is there anything he might have done differently. "I won't change anything. I think I did really good stuff. I played very hard and showed people that I can be the best player." Said Stephenson
Does Stephenson feel he is really a one and done player or will he take time to mature his game? "I don't think I am a one and done. I just want to play hard the first year in college and if I can go, I will go. However, long it takes for me to get to the NBA, that's what I am going to do."
As many continue to play the guessing game and scan message boards for clues as to where Stephenson will land, just keep in mind, Stephenson is a winner. Whether it is college or NBA bound he will land in the winners circle.
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