Once Again, Mt. Vernon Takes Gold

Yeah!!!! is what you heard around the Mount Vernon bench as fans stood on their feet cheering for the Knights the Section 1 Championship winners for the fifth time in a row.
The Knight's led by Jabarie Hinds (MVP) brought home the gold, defeating the Poughkeepsie Pioneers 69-57.
The opening shot, a 3-pointer fired by Pioneers junior Nate Gause would set the tempo for his team who scored early and fast leading in the first quarter 17-15.

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Pioneer senior Dayvone Whitaker hits a jumper but the Knights answer back with a pass from Hinds to Khalid Samuels for a two point basket but the Pioneers still led, 21-18. The Knights momentum was building and soon Hinds made a steal and broke away for a one handed dunk, giving the Knights their first lead of the game. The Knights would score five more points by the end of the half 35-27.
Poughkeepsie's Jason McCaster scores two off the glass in the opening of the third quarter. A foul would be called on the Pioneers sending Knight Horace Copeland to the line for one. Lateef Belfor would then drive to the basket, boosting the Knights score to 40-29. Gause answered back with two but Hinds pushed the tempo and the score with a three-pointer. At the end of the third, the Knights still led 56-38.
Midway through the fourth quarter, the writing was on the wall. The Knights were leading 65-50 at the 2:19 mark. Fans in the stands are prematurely cheering and celebrating for the Knights. With 23:4 seconds left in play the Knights started passing out the winning game tee-shirts the Knights have won their fifth gold ball.
Mount Vernon's Jabarie Hinds was named MVP with 26 points, nine steals, and three boards. In an unbelievable performance Brandon White finished with 14 points and 20 boards and three blocks. Poughkeepsie Dayvon Whitaker finished with 19 points and Nate Gause contributed 17 points.
All-Tournament players :Brandon White, Mount Vernon, Dayvon Whitaker, Poughkeepsie, and Nate Gause, Poughkeepsie.
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