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iS8/Nike Tip-Off Fall Classic Webcast

On Sunday October 31st, the Playaz Club (Srs.) and the Shooting Stars went up against each other.
The prize would be the championship of the iS8/Nike Tip-Off Fall Classic. The tournament started off with 70 teams and went over the course of two month.
The Playaz Club Seniors from NJ would take down Team Hersh in the semifinals while the Shooting Stars, mostly from Long Island, defeated the CT Basketball Club. The stage was now set for Big Dance.
In front of a packed house, the action grew to a fever pitch as some of the top players on the Northeast went at it.
The High School Basketball Network presents a FREE On-demand webcast of the entire game.
Playaz Club (Seniors)
Head Coach: Kyle Anderson, Sr.
Key Players:
Kyle Anderson
Myles Mack
Isaiah Williams
Danny Abreu - 6'1" junior (North Bergen)
Dallis Anglin - 6'2" junior (Seton Hall Prep)
Justin Bailey 6'0" senior (St. Mary's)
William Thompson
Shooting Stars
Head Coach: Kareem Meminger
Key Players:
Tavon Sledge
Kadeem Jack
Trashon Burrell - 6'6" senior (Committed to Rhode Island)
Terry Brutus - 6'5" senior (L.I. Lutheran)
K.J. Lee - 6'2" sophomore (L.I. Lutheran)
Blaise Margorba - 7'0" junior (Teddy)
David Whitemore - 7'1" junior (Upperroom)
James McKennia - 6'6" senior (St. Anthony's, NJ)
Debonair Edwards - 6'7" junior (Curtis)
Kenton Faceys - 6'8" junior (Upperroom)
Dashawn Richmond - 6'2" junior (Curtis)
Chris McCough - 6'8" sophomore