Gauchos School Playaz Club Froshs

The veteran Gauchos Orange squad would be built for speed and D-1 acquisition as all but one of their starter will be off to top colleges next year. The Gauchos easily defeated the Playaz Club Freshmans who are a young but talented team.
Up by 7 points early as UConn commit Kemba Walker would run the show for the 'Chos.
Xavier Corpran would provide a spark for the Playaz, nailing 2 three-pointers early but sharpshooter and Drexel-commit Chris Fouch would show 'em how it's done, countering with NBA range threes.
The Gauchos, while stacked, showed light defense early as Myles Davis would score multiple Playaz three pointers, keeping the score closer than it should have been.
Scoring at will, the Gauchos would be up at quarters end by 14 points.
In the second quarter, while the Gauchos were very casual about it, the freshman Playaz squad were not, and buckets by Davis would cut the Gauchos lead to 6 points. A Kevin Walker lay-up would cut the 'Chos lead to 4 points.
Playaz big man Keith Lumpkin worked hard on both ends of the court keeping the Gauchos somewhat at bay.
Seton Hall-bound Jordan Theodore nevertheless would score from the corner off a Kemba Walker feed to push the lead back to 9 points with 3 minutes left in the quarter.
Davis would strip Kemba Walker to score but the Gauchos finally began to step it up as Dorvell Carter and Theodore would score in close. The half would end with the freshman squad down 12.
The second half seemed more like a scrimmage than a hard fought game for the Gauchos as they would simply push and keep kickin' it to the corner for Fouch to swish multiple three pointers in succession.
Myles Davis tried to go tit-for-tat but the Gauchos would keep inching further and further ahead.
As the Gauchos lead approached 20, Davis would score a three from beyond the top of the key to pull their lead back down to 14 points to end the third quarter.
With 2:09 left in the game, school would finally be let out for the Playaz Fresshman with the final score being 108-89.
Chris Fouch would end up with 27 points for the Gauchos Orange while freshman Myles Davis had a game high 35 points for the Playaz Club Freshman.
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