Fists Fly at St. Rays

As reported by the New York Daily News this Tuesday, at St. Raymond High School in the Bronx, NY 6-6 Small Forward Kevin Parrom and head Coach Oliver Antigua were in an altercation yesterday afternoon.
The altercation resulted in Parrom's arrest by the police during a team meeting at the school.
According to the NY Daily News an eyewitness claims Parrom punched Ravens head coach Antigua in the face after the two had a brief argument in the locker room. There were no charges filed and Coach Antigua did not receive any medical treatment.

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Attempts to call Coach Antigua were not returned as of yet.
Parrom is a natural scorer for St. Raymond. He is a quick, smart and relentless pursuer of the basket who will rebound, drive and run up and down the court all game long. He has an impressive offensive range and scoring diversity and the ball handling skills to get where he wants on the court. This summer Kevin Parrom plays for the NY Panthers.
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