Evander Childs left in Cardinal Hayes

BRONX, NY - On Thursday we got a glimpse of the regular season potential of Cardinal Hayes, a Catholic school in the Bronx.
Playing against Evander Childs, the duo of Mustafa Jones and Shavar Newkirk led the charge en route to a 90-62 trouncing at the Tru-Ballaz Pre-High School Classic.
Sans veteran players, Chris Robinson and their big man, Ramiel Coleman, the Cardinals still managed to pull ahead against players of the Evander Childs Tigers. An and-1 trey by Newkirk would put Hayes up 10-2 with 5:57 left in the quarter and they would never really look back.
Early on, it looked like the single 'A' school from the Bronx were at least in the contest. Haye's was leading but 6'3" junior Jonathan Cummings persistence on boths ends of the court, pulled Evander Childs within 8 points.
But starting in the second half, Evander Childs started to unhinge, falling victim to a massive run propelled by a trapping Hayes' defense. The result was a 21 point deficit to begin the fourth quarter.
Jones, a 6'6" wirey junior wing, would continuously be a problem for the public school. The lefty blocked shots and used an effective baby hook to do damage in the paint.
Cardinal Hayes' lead would grow to 25 points before Evander would make a slight dent as Mike Bernard and Shakeem Douglass went into a semi-attack mode. The surge was brief however as garbage time soon began. With 3 minutes left in regulation, the Cardinals' advantage ballooned up to 30 points.
Newkirk led Hayes with a game high 28 points; Jones added 15 points. Cummings was high man for Evander Childs with 20 points.
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